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How to prevent mold by mitigating the moisture

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The has many guidelines when preventing mold by mitigating the moisture in a new home or existing home. We are a mold removal Baltimore provider that has provided some recommendations below.

Avoid trespassers:

Your house is surely the best investment you have ever made and it is your most precious asset. You should take care of it and must fulfill safety and precautionary measures as to avoid any type of damage that may be physical or cosmetic one. As everyone tries to save his house from the trespasser, there is a special trespasser that can’t be stopped easily, and it is the mold.

Mold is bad!

Mold is not too bad as it is the reason behind the useful drugs like penicillin but it is not always good. It can be extremely bad if it grows on the undesired place like food, walls, clothes, carpet etc. It can grow on some highly undesired places like the walls of your precious house, on the pipelines and even inside the walls of a house in the lining of the pipes. Mold not only damages the structure and beauty but it also creates some allergens that can cause medical problems. The mold spores are microscopic and they can’t be eradicated completely.

Moisture is the cause:

The moisture is the cause of the molds on the walls in most conditions. One can easily avoid this by mitigating the moisture. The mold is one of the common problems faced by the house owners as well as the construction industry as it is able to ruin the whole beautiful look of the house. Hence, you must make the best preparation to mitigate the moisture in order to avoid the mold.

Audit your home:

Do the audit of your home and check the areas where you are feeling the problem. As stated earlier that preventing mold completely is impossible but you can avoid it to damage the significant part. Check the areas like basement if they flood after the rain. Look for the water stained areas as well as the places where water is dripping due to the leaking pipes. The solution depends on the complexity of the problem. But whatever the solution demand, do it as it may save you hefty amount than doing it in future.

Wet areas should be dried:

If the water gets in the basement or the furniture or carpet gets wet due to the flooding, then hurry now to dry it as soon as possible. The water must be dried within 24 hours. The moisture is the prime cause of the molds in houses hence it must be dried.

Water accumulation in the street:

Check whether the area in front of your house is properly sloped or not. If it is not sloped then the water might accumulate there and it may cause the water to seep beneath the base of the house. The water seeping beneath the base is quite damaging.

Proper ventilation and airflow:

The mold can be prevented by taking the measures to ensure the smooth ventilation and airflow in the house. The windows must be kept open as well as the doors too. The airflow drops the temperature of the air and it makes it hard for the air to hold moisture.

There are many other ways too for avoiding the moisture but the most effective way is to use the mold inhibitors or mold-resistant options while building the house.

Here are some other tips for preventing mold by mitigating the moisture from the EPA:


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