Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Coach's Corner: Your Customer Service Policy | Team Building Pt. 9

There are a lot of companies out there becoming giants in their industries through offering impeccable customer service. Now, it's your turn!

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Henson Sales Group Expands Into Florida

The Henson Sales Group, Ltd. recently expanded its manufacturer representative agency into Florida. With the expansion, Henson Sales now operates in 13 states with a staff of 14 sales... Read more

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SMS Assist Recognized for Technological Innovation

SMS Assist Recognized for Technological InnovationSMS Assist, LLC has been named a recipient of tech-focused media firm Chicago Inno’s 50 on Fire Award. Chicago Inno’s annual awards program recognizes the top 50 businesses in the... Read more

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Square Scrub Honors Top Sales Reps

Square Scrub recently announced the winners of its annual sales representative awards. Access Partners received Square Scrub’s 2017 Rep Group of the Year Award. Additionally, Square Scrub... Read more

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Vi-Jon Teams With Apex

Vi-John, Inc. has appointed Apex as its manufacturer representative firm. Per the terms of the agreement, Lemont, IL-based Apex will manage sales of Vi-Jon’s full product line in Illinois,... Read more

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Cintas Boosts Annual Dividend 21%

Cintas Boosts Annual Dividend 21%Cintas Corp. has increased the annual dividend on its common stock 21.8 percent to US$1.62 per share. The dividend is payable December 8 to Cintas shareholders of record at the close of business... Read more

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Diversey President Wins Four Stevie Awards

Diversey President Wins Four Stevie AwardsDr. Ilham Kadri, president and CEO of Diversey, recently received four Stevie® Awards for Women in Business. The 14th-annual awards program salutes female entrepreneurs and executives for... Read more

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Triple S Adds Atlanta MRO Supply

Triple S Adds Atlanta MRO SupplyTriple S has added Atlanta MRO Supply as a new member-dealer. Per the terms of the membership agreement, the Fairburn, GA -based Atlanta MRO Supply has the rights to market the... Read more

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Mitie Names Jo Davis HR Director

Mitie Names Jo Davis HR DirectorMitie Group Plc has appointed Jo Davis group human resources (HR) director. Davis joins Mitie from Itsu, where she served as group HR director. Prior to Itsu, Davis held a variety of... Read more

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Apex Honored by Interplast

Apex recently received Interplast Group Ltd.’s 2017 All Star – World of Bags Award. Interplast’s annual award recognizes top performing sales representatives. Apex was honored... Read more

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ISSA Foundation Details Scholarship Opportunities

ISSA Foundation Details Scholarship OpportunitiesThe ISSA Foundation awards more than 60 scholarships each year. In 2017, the program granted more than US$170,000 in scholarships.  All employees of ISSA-member companies and their family... Read more

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Lack of Money Can Cost You Your Business

According to the IRS, two-thirds of all businesses fail in their first five years. One of the major reasons this happens is not from a lack of business, but from a lack of cash. 

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Cintas Announces America's Best Restroom Contest Winner

Cintas Announces America's Best Restroom Contest WinnerCintas Corp. has named OdySea Aquarium’s public restrooms in Scottsdale, AZ, the winner of its 16th annual America's Best Restroom Award. The aquarium’s restrooms were recognized for... Read more

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Kimberly-Clark Declares Quarterly Dividend Payout

Kimberly-Clark Corp., parent company of Kimberly-Clark Professional, has declared a regular quarterly dividend of US$0.97 per share. The dividend is payable January 3, 2018 to Kimberly-Clark... Read more

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Recovering from Mold Related Illnesses

Mold related illnesses may be one of the most prominent health issues that doctors are missing today. They can be a true hidden illness that goes undiagnosed for years. What a scary thought!

There are potentially millions of people who are currently suffering from a mystery illness, and their doctors don’t have a clue what is causing their ailments. They are often referred to doctor after doctor, repeatedly being turned away.

Mold toxins are so unique, and their effects are wide and far-reaching. Symptoms of mold related illnesses are complex and they can be mistaken for many other illnesses. All of this makes it difficult for doctors to find the correct diagnosis.

Recovering from Mold Related Illnesses

Mold spores are present in the air around us at all times. Under the right conditions, these naturally occurring and often very resilient spores easily take root. They can grow in your home, in your office or even in your food. Molds create toxins (mycotoxins) that can affect how you feel, the way you think, and shorten your lifespan.

Find the Right Doctor

This all sounds pretty scary, and it is. But there is good news. Once you receive the correct diagnosis and realize that you have in fact been poisoned by toxic mold, you can start the road to recovery. Recovering from mold related illnesses requires an integrative approach that many doctors are not familiar with as they have not been properly trained in mold poisoning. Your general doctor may miss symptoms or attribute your symptoms to another issue. Finding a specialist who is trained in mold will allow your recovery to be successful.

Identify the Source of Mold

Before you can recover from a mold related illness, you must first identify and remove the source of mold. Mold can be anywhere, but there are probably some clues to help you narrow it down.

  • Where do you spend your time? (home, work, other)
  • Are any people around you affected? This can give you important clues. If no one at work has any symptoms (for example), the mold issue may not be there. Use caution here though as mold has different effects on everyone. Some people may not be affected at all while others get very sick quickly. As already mentioned, mold is sneaky and presents itself in many different ways.
  • Is there a place you may be forgetting? Think car, school, RV, boat …
  • Could it be in the food you eat?
  • Has your home or another location you frequent been exposed to a flood or water damage in the past?

You may need the help of professionals to narrow down the source of mold you’ve been exposed to. If you suspect it is in your home or vehicle, hire an inspector who is trained to track down mold. If you believe it may be at your workplace, contact someone in the safety department or your boss. Elevate the issue.

Identify the Type of Mold

There are many different types of mold, and their toxicity levels, as well as their treatments, vary widely. If you want the best chances of recovering completely from mold related illnesses, it is critical to know the exact type of mold you were exposed to. It is also helpful to know (if possible) how long you were exposed to that mold before seeking treatment.

Remove and Remediate

It goes without saying that the mold must be removed so that you can begin your recovery from mold related illnesses. Identifying the source of mold and type of mold won’t do you much good if you don’t then fully remove and remediate.

Consider hiring a professional mold remediation company to come in and fully remove the mold. While it may sound plausible to do it yourself, it likely isn’t the right decision. The fact that you have mold related illness means that the mold is likely toxic. Exposing yourself or anyone else to the mold is not responsible. Professional remediation companies will take all of the safety precautions necessary to ensure the mold is completely removed from your home or wherever it has been found. They will also take the necessary steps to keep the mold from spreading or getting into the air. Mold remediation is a serious undertaking, and it is one that is best left to the professionals – especially if you are suffering from a mold related illness.

Avoid Mold Exposure in your Environment

No matter where the mold exposure orignally came from, once you have been exposed and have come down with a mold related illness, you will be more sensitive to mold in the future – even in the foods you eat. Even very small exposures can trigger major reactions in your body as you recover. They can even trigger a relapse after you have made a full recovery. So it is important that you take steps to make your environment as mold-free as possible. Educate yourself on which foods are most susceptible to mold contamination and avoid them or take extra precaution. Train yourself to look for evidence of mold in your surroundings.

Commit to a Potentially Long Recovery

Mold related illnesses can often go undetected for long periods of time, and they can cause serious health issues that take time to heal. Depending on your illness, your recovery can take months or years. Make a commitment to allow your body the time to heal. Give yourself grace when you aren’t feeling well. Get rid of as many chemicals as you can so that your body can detox. Be prepared mentally for the healing process. You may need to take time off of work, give up strenuous activity and make other major lifestyle adjustments.


Mold related illnesses can change your life. If you are one of many people who have been affected, know that you are not alone. There are resources available to you including specially trained doctors, therapists, and laws to protect you. While the recovery may be a long one, your health can absolutely return to the pre-mold state. You can live a long, healthy and full life. Start your recovery now and commit to living a mold-free life going forward.

Have you been affected by a mold related illness? We’d love to hear your symptoms and your recovery story!

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Deadline to Apply for CMI Grants Approaching

Deadline to Apply for CMI Grants ApproachingIndividuals pursuing continuing education at any ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) educational seminar are eligible to apply for an ISSA CMI Grant. The grant will cover tuition for CMI... Read more

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Office Pride Announces Contest Winners

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Co. has given three U.S. veterans the opportunity to own its franchise without paying the US$35,000 franchise fee. Office Pride offered the franchise fees in a... Read more

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3M Announces Quarterly Dividend

3M Announces Quarterly Dividend3M has declared a quarterly dividend of US$1.17 per share on the company’s common stock. The dividend is payable December 12 to shareholders of record at the close of business November 24.... Read more

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The Drift, The Gap, and The Breakthrough

The difference in outcomes from true leadership compared to micromanagement can be the difference between success and failure; it can be the difference between your teams winning, building leadership around you, and the business growing, or the business profits flat lining, sour morale, and turnover.

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Ask Annissa: What NOT to do on Social Media!

People overshare on their personal pages, and sometimes companies do too which can open up big issues.

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Introducing the Entire Bad Axe Arsenal of Remediation Products

Enhanced product line-up now includes an EPA-registered disinfectant, an odor neutralizer, white and clear antimicrobial coatings, an indoor air quality knockdown product, a wettable peroxide cleaner and their legendary mold stain remover.

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ProRestore's Proven Three-Step Tobacco and Cannabis Smoke Odor Removal

Eliminating tobacco and cannabis odors is tough! These odors are present everywhere – in surface deposits, in airborne gases, and deep in cracks and crevices.

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Choose a moisture meter from Lignomat for accuracy, reliability and sturdiness.

Investigate and trace moisture problems to the source. We manufacture both pin and pinless moisture meters.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How to Clean Mold from a Fish Tank

Is Your Fish Tank Growing Mold?

The health of fish and their owners depend on tank hygiene. This is because every fish tank provides the perfect environment for both submerged and airborne forms of fungi. General tank cleanliness, water quality, filtration, decor material, and the initial health of the fish all contribute to the growth and dispersing of mold spores. A dirty tank allows a film to build both underwater and in contact with the air above. Decomposing organic material, such as wood decor, dead fish, excrement, or the open, seeping wound (infection or injury) of a fish can all provide nourishment to underwater fungus, as well as airborne mold.

If conditions are favorable, the first sign may be a visible film on the glass, decor, rocks, or even on the fish themselves. This film may appear green and slimy (sometimes even red), or it may have a fuzzy white, gray, or brown appearance. If such a film is visible, not only are the fish at risk, but there is bound to be airborne mold attached and growing somewhere on the tank, as well. Generally, if airborne mold is present, it will be discovered on the inside of the lid and open-air portions of the glass. This mold is what can and will directly affect the health of the owner. It can appear in a variety of colors and textures, but the most common tank mold will appear brown or even black with a fuzzy texture.

When fungi does not appear to be present, the general rule to cleaning a tank is to leave all the items (even the fish) inside the tank and replace only 10-15% of the water. This is to ensure that any beneficial bacteria and fungi is left unharmed, as they will act as a natural filter for the tank. However, if the condition of the tank’s water seems compromised by fungi, it will be necessary to remove the fish and all decor, including gravel/pebbles, and at least 50% of the tank’s water should be replaced. MoldBlogger suggests removing 100% of the water and starting fresh if fungus is suspected.


Items Needed:

  • fish net
  • aquarium siphon
  • 1 separate container large enough for fish
  • 1 (maybe 2) separate container(s) (1 can be a colander) large enough for tank decor and safe for high temperatures
  • 1 never-used toothbrush
  • algae/glass scraper
  • sponge (optional, but helpful in covering a larger surface area)
  • all-natural, chemical-free paper towels (optional)
  • a replacement filter cartridge
  • dechlorinating treatment
  • water clarifier
  • hot or boiling water
  • non-tap water as replacement in the tank
  • undiluted white or apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle or bowl
  • mask or covering to avoid inhalation of mold spores (optional: at your own risk)


The #1 Rule:

Do not use any type of cleaning product on your fish tank or on any of its contents. Trace amounts of the cleaner’s chemicals could remain after rinsing and cause harm to your fish.


Step 1 & 2: Tank Lid & Fish

  • Put on the mask.
  • Take the lid to another surface away from the tank and tank contents.
  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Fill a separate container with water (not from tap) and place the fish in there. (Be sure the fish are nowhere near the area you have chosen to clean the lid in.)

Vinegar can lower the pH of the water and harm your fish, which is why it is only permitted as a cleaner on the outside of the tank and on the inner lid–as long as it is adequately rinsed.

  • Spray the lid with undiluted vinegar and wipe clean (sponge, toothbrush, paper towel). (Or apply vinegar by saturating the sponge or paper towel with it from a bowl.)
  • Rinse with hot water and apply more vinegar. Let sit for 2 minutes.
  • Scrub lid again and then rinse with hot (or boiling) water.
  • Repeat the hot water rinse until any remaining scent of vinegar has dissipated.
  • Let sit to air-dry until all the other steps are complete.


Step 3: The Tank

  • Drain the tank water with the aquarium siphon (follow instructions from siphon packaging) into another container. Leave 50% in the tank if infestation is mild. Otherwise, siphon it all and toss it outside a good distance from your home.

Step 4: The Decor

  • Remove all decor, including gravel/pebbles and place them in a large container safe for high temperatures. (Separate the larger decor from the gravel/pebbles in two different containers, if desired. A colander can be used for large gravel/pebbles.)
  • Pour hot water (boiling, if preferred) over the items until they are fully submerged. Let sit 5 minutes. (If a colander is used, pour hot water slowly over all contents as a rinse.)
  • Scrub away any remaining residue with the toothbrush. (The gravel/pebbles can be stirred around by the toothbrush to dislodge fungal particles.)
  • Rinse the items with hot water. (Repeat this process with freshly-hot water again if the items seemed particularly infested.)

Step 5: The Tank Again

  • Use the algae/glass scraper to scrape any mold or algae from the aquarium’s inner glass.
  • Scrub the glass with the toothbrush (or sponge) using hot water.
  • Rinse the sides of the tank with hot water and siphon out the results.
  • Optional: An all-natural, chemical-free paper towel can be used to wipe down the sides and bottom. (Never use a paper towel on the inner tank or lid that is not guaranteed to be natural and chemical-free.)
  • Replace the filter cartridge and thoroughly rinse the filter with hot water.
  • Situate the tank’s decor back in place.
  • Refill the tank with water (not tap) and add the dechlorinating treatment and water clarifier. (Follow the instructions located on each item’s package. Sometimes, both can be purchased in a water treatment kit.)
  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Gently return the fish to their newly cleaned tank. Say, “You’re welcome.”

Water Treatment: The dechlorinating treatment protects your fish from any traces of chlorine in the replacement water. The water clarifier dissolves excess substances that contribute to fungal overgrowth and harmful bacteria.

 Step 6: Cleaning Items & Containers

  • Toss all cleaning items (sponge, toothbrush, used paper towels, and even the mask) in the trash and take directly to the bin outside.
  • Thoroughly wash all containers used, rinse with undiluted vinegar, rinse again with hot water.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Share this article on social media and congratulate yourself on being such a fine fish owner.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Overfeeding contributes to food particles accumulating throughout the tank, contributing to cloudy water and the overgrowth of fungi and bacteria. Make an effort to feed your fish only as much food as they can eat in 15 minutes or less to reduce this effect.
  • Change 10% of the tank’s water each week to prevent further fungal growth.
  • Repeat the steps for washing the lid once a month, making sure to clean it far from the tank/fish and to rinse thoroughly with hot water before replacing.


For more information regarding mold, mold prevention, and mold solutions, please check out the rest of MoldBlogger.com.


About the Author: TheWife is the mother and personal chef of two boys, the domestic technician of a three-bedroom desert home, and occasionally, a freelance writer and editor. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @TheWifesLife

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Sodexo Acquires Centerplate

Sodexo Acquires CenterplateSodexo has acquired international hospitality services provider Centerplate, Inc. for US$675 million. Stamford, CT-based Centerplate is currently the fourth largest operator by revenues in... Read more

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Acme Paper CEO Among Maryland's Top CEOs

Ronald Attman, CEO of Acme Paper & Supply Co., Inc., has been named one of Maryland’s 2017 Most Admired CEOs by The Maryland Daily Record. The publication’s annual award recognizes... Read more

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Clorox Details Quarterly Dividend Payout

The Clorox Co., parent company of Clorox Professional Products Co., has announced a quarterly dividend of US$0.84 per share on the company’s common stock. The dividend―$3.36 annualized... Read more

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3M Names Kristen Ludgate Senior VP

3M Names Kristen Ludgate Senior VP3M has appointed Kristen Ludgate senior vice president of corporate communications and enterprise services. Ludgate has been with 3M since 2008, when she joined the company as senior counsel of... Read more

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Diversey Launches New Corporate Identity

Diversey Launches New Corporate IdentityDiversey has announced a new brand identity and corporate logo. Diversey was acquired by Bain Capital, LP from Sealed Air Corp. earlier this year in a US$3.2 billion deal. The new identity was... Read more

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Known Contaminants Versus a Present Danger

The issue comes up during instruction quite frequently.  In mold classes, water restoration seminars, fire cleanup presentations, and forensic restoration training; it is variations of the same thought.  What takes precedence in our business when we run into materials that may be regulated under various health and safety standards?

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2017 European Cleaning & Hygiene Award Winners Announced

European Cleaning Journal announced the winners of the 2017 European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards during a ceremony hosted November 9 at the Principi Grand Hotel in Rome, Italy. The... Read more

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AbCo Wholesale Supply Joins RDA Advantage

RDA Advantage has added the AbCo Wholesale Supply to its roster of independent wholesalers. The addition of the Arlington, TX-based distributor expands RDA Advantage’s product offerings... Read more

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Aramark Increases 4th-Quarter Earnings

Aramark Increases 4th-Quarter EarningsAramark has reported a fiscal fourth-quarter profit of US$113 million, or $0.45 per share, up from $$83.3 million, or $0.33 per share, one year earlier. For the quarter, Aramark reported revenue... Read more

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SC Johnson Named a Best Workplace in Korea

SC Johnson, parent company of SC Johnson Professional, was named one of the best multinational workplaces in South Korea by the Great Place to Work® Institute. SC Johnson was one of 35... Read more

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Mitie Names Paul Woolf CFO

Mitie Names Paul Woolf CFOMitie Group Plc has appointed Paul Woolf group chief financial officer (CFO). Woolf joins Mitie from Virgin Active Health Clubs, where he served as CEO for more than three years. He succeeds... Read more

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Monday, November 13, 2017

An Emphasis on Culture

Have you ever had someone take a chance by hiring you? How did it turn out? How did it feel when you succeeded and excelled in that role?

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Network Services Recognizes Top Distributor Members

Network Services Recognizes Top Distributor MembersNetwork Services Co. presented its 2017 Member of the Year awards at the organization’s recent stockholder meeting. Network Services’ 2017 award recipients are: Member of the Year... Read more

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Spartan Promotes Tom Parris to Manager of Food Processing

Spartan Promotes Tom Parris to Manager of Food ProcessingSpartan Chemical Co. has promoted Tom Parris to manager of the food processing division Parris joined Spartan in 2003 and most recently served as regional sales manager of the Wisconsin region. In... Read more

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Legionnaires' Outbreak Strikes Disneyland

Disneyland officials have shut down two cooling towers following an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease among visitors to the Anaheim, CA, theme park. The cooling towers had elevated levels of... Read more

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Johnson Controls Names John Donofrio Executive VP

Johnson Controls Names John Donofrio Executive VPJohnson Controls, Inc. has appointed John Donofrio executive vice president and general counsel. Donofrio joins Johnson Controls from Mars, Inc. where he served as vice president,... Read more

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Cintas Facility in Washington Earns Safety Certification

Cintas Facility in Washington Earns Safety CertificationCintas Corp.’s Spokane, WA, facility has received the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star worksite designation from the Washington State Occupational Safety and Health Administration... Read more

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Creating Your 2018 Business Plan

Three quarters of 2017 are in the books. The final quarter is when you should be focusing on your plan for the coming year. If you didn’t already start in October, now is the time. 

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How to Clean Mold Off Clothing

Moldy Clothes

Wondering how to clean mold off clothing? Here are all of the answers you need.

Mold in the house is something every homeowner dreads and fears. Mold can be toxic and spread quickly and quietly without you even being aware of it. If you have mold in your home, you likely had water intrusion either from rain or flood water or a leaky pipe. Mold can ruin your belongings – from your flooring and walls to your furniture and even your clothing. Many times mold-damaged belongs must be discarded for your safety or because they have been permanently damaged.

If you have found mold on your clothing or there is a potential for mold growth because of a flood, you may be wondering if you can save your clothes or if you need to throw them away. The good news is that (depending on when you found the molded clothing), you may be able to save them. With a little bit of persistence and quick action, you can often rid your precious clothing of damaging mold and make them safe to wear again.

Act Quickly to Clean Mold Off Clothing

If you have found mold, you need to start the cleanup process as soon as possible in order to successfully clean mold off clothing. The longer mold stays on your clothing, the tougher it is to remove. Even if you accidentally put your winter sweaters away before they were completely dry and just now discovered the problem, the sooner you act the more chances of success you have. The first step to take is to remove the clothing and take it outside. Do this right away for a few reasons.

  • Removing the molded clothing from your home will help avoid further spreading and contamination. Mold spores can become airborne, and you don’t want that in your house. Take the clothing outside before inspecting or spreading it out.
  • The hot sun (if available) will help dry the clothes and kill the mold.
  • By drying your clothes first, you will be able to clearly see where the mold has stained them. This will help with pre-treatment.


There are a variety of products you can use to pre-treat your clothing prior to washing it to help kill the mold and remove the stain. By pre-treating, you increase the chances of success in the mold’s removal. Here are a few examples of products you may choose to use for pre-treatment of stains and to help clean mold off clothing.

  • Bleach
  • Borax
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • A commercial spray treatment specifically designed for mold killing

If you aren’t afraid of using bleach on your clothes, this can be an effective method of killing mold and cleaning mold off clothing. You can choose to mix and dilute the bleach with water and spray directly onto the clothing or you can create a bleach bath to soak your clothing. Sodium borate (borax) or another variety of commercial spray treatment can be sprayed onto the mold stains directly. If you aren’t into chemicals, you can also use a solution of vinegar and water or baking soda and water to put on the mold stains before washing.

Washing in HOT Water

Once you have pre-treated your clothing and allowed the treatment to sit for 5-20 minutes, you need to wash to clean mold off clothing. It is important to wash the clothing in hot water. Hot water kills mold spores so the hotter the water, the better. If your washing machine has a setting specifically for sanitizing, use it! The same solutions you used for pre-treatment can also be used in the main washing cycle. You can add bleach or white vinegar to your wash. Commercial detergents are also useful, and there are some specifically made for mold removal.

Go ahead and wash the clothes TWICE in hot water using detergent or the solution of your choice.

Dry the clothing in a commercial dryer or hang it out in the hot sun to dry. You can even do both! The heat from the dryer and sun will help kill any remaining mold spores. Once completely dry, give it the smell test. If it passes the smell test, your clothes should be safe to wear. If not, give it another wash to further clean mold off clothing. You can repeat this process a third time if necessary.

Parting Ways with Damaged Clothing

If you cannot remove the smell of mold completely or if your clothing has been visibly damaged by the mold, it is time to throw them away. More than the unpleasant smell, here are a few more reasons to part ways with mold damaged clothing if it cannot be successfully removed.

  • The health risks associated with mold can be dire, and no matter how expensive the clothing was, your health is worth more. Even mild symptoms (itchiness and rash, sneezing) are not worth it.
  • Mold can damage your clothes quickly. Mold starts to digests whatever material it grows on so if you didn’t catch the mold soon enough, your clothing may already be damaged beyond repair.
  • Mold can be released into the air if not completely removed. If you aren’t able to remove the mold from your clothing, you could be potentially releasing mold spores into the air, and those mold spores can create health hazards for you and those around you.


Mold can wreak havoc in your home if left untreated, and your clothing is at risk as well. Whether you piled up a bunch of wet clothes and left them too long or if your home was recently flooded, wet clothing is a breeding ground for mold. If you have discovered mold on your clothing, follow these simple steps to remove and kill it as soon as possible. The quicker you act, the more likely it is that you will be successful in your attempts. But always remember to err on the side of caution. If you cannot remove the mold, it is best to part ways with your clothing rather than to risk your health.

Have you ever found mold on your clothes? If so, what did you do to remove it?


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