Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New ODORx Product Eliminates Pet Odors, Stains

Un-Duz-It™ Unleashed three-in-one solution combines oxidizers with enzymes and odor encapsulants to break down urine salts, attack organic waste, and wipe out odor and stains. 

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Restoration Roundup: Preventing Legionnaires, Rising Sea Levels, Historic Cedar River Flooding, & More | 9.27.16

This edition of Restoration Roundup covers evacuations in Iowa due to the rising Cedar River, evacuations due to a California wildfire, mold problems at a VA facility, new overtime laws, Legionnaire's Disease, and other topics relevant to the restoration industry.

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Oneida Air Systems Featured on A&E's Operation Build

Restoration project included tackling damaged drywall, exposed peeling paint, plaster debris, and worn and damaged hardwood floors. 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Tackle Prep Work with Speed and Ease

Building high-performance containment systems and critical barriers doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and material-intensive process.

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Sporicidin® Enzyme Mold Stain Cleaner

EPA approved as meeting Safer Choice standards, Contec’s Sporicidin® Enzyme Mold Stain Cleaner is a highly effective, non-toxic, biodegradable enzymatic cleaner with a neutral pH.

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Dri-Eaz® Dragon® 3600 Mobile Furnace

Looking for true restoration-ready mobile heat? The diesel-fired Dri-Eaz Dragon 3600 is the only mobile furnace designed for the tough challenges of restorative drying.

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1-800-PACK-RAT, a leading provider of portable storage and moving solutions, is the exclusive provider of Chamber Door Technology which allows restoration and remediation professionals the ability to limit losses and protect salvaged assets.

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