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Bug Off: August Ant Workshop

Bug Off logoOn Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018, Bug Off Pest Control Center, in association with Bayer ES, will present a workshop on what every pest management professional (PMP) must know regarding ant biology and habits — and their impact on residential, commercial and healthcare facilities. Featuring Kevin Connally of Bayer, the workshop will discuss the principal sweet-loving species common to the New York Metropolitan area. The presentation will also examine carpenter ants in detail. Control strategies will emphasize new technologies and approaches. The program will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Bug Off’s Career Training Center, 1085 Saint Nicholas Ave., New York, NY 10032. Cost of admission is $35. New York recertification credits will be awarded.


from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/08/01/bug-off-august-ant-workshop/
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Johnson Controls Raises 3rd-Quarter Sales 6%

Johnson Controls Raises 3rd-Quarter Sales 6%Johnson Controls, Inc. has reported an adjusted third-quarter revenue of US$8.1 billion, up 6 percent from one year ago. Sales in Johnson Controls’ North American building solutions... Read more

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NCPMA names new board

2018-19 NCPMA Board

From left are Bruce Roberts, Clint Miller, John Adkins and Donnie Shelton. Photos courtesy of NCPMA

The North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA) convened July 26 in Wrightsville Beach, N.C., for the 2018 Carolinas/Mid-Atlantic Summer Conference, where it welcomed its new slate of board members for 2018-2019.

The new board of directors officers for 2018-2019 include:

  • President: Bruce Roberts, A-1 Termite and Pest Control, Lenoir, N.C.
  • Vice President: Clint Miller, Clint Miller Exterminating, Mt. Pleasant, N.C.
  • Secretary/Treasurer: John Adkins, Four Seasons Pest Control, Danville, Va.
  • Past President: Donnie Shelton, Triangle Pest Control, Holly Springs, N.C.

“The North Carolina Pest Management Association is a wonderful community of pest management professionals, and we, as representatives, are focused on enhancing the educational opportunities available through membership,” says Roberts. “This has been a great team to work with, and we are excited about the year to come including our two main events, United We Stand in November and the Pest Control Technician’s School in 2019. Our excitement stems from the outstanding line up of nationally recognized speakers for these conferences, our addition of a hands-on tech school and wildlife recurring credit day, which will be new this year to the PCT School.”

The officers will serve a one-year term ending July 2019. Each of the executive officers has served previous terms on the board of directors and has been active in board committees.

The 2018 Carolinas/Mid-Atlantic Summer Conference was co-sponsored by NCPMA, the South Carolina Pest Control Association and the Virginia Pest Management Association.

from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/31/ncpma-names-new-board/
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ABM Secures Contract With Illinois School District

ABM Secures Contract With Illinois School DistrictABM has been awarded a custodial services contract with Huntley Community School District 158 in Huntley, IL. The deal calls for ABM to provide custodial services to eight of the... Read more

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Warsaw Chemical Adds to Leadership Team

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. recently appointed two executives to its leadership team. Edward Leon has been named chief operating officer. Leon joins Warsaw Chemical from Trinity Industries,... Read more

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P&G's 4th-Quarter Sales Increase 3%

Procter & Gamble (P&G), parent company of Procter & Gamble Professional, has reported a fiscal-fourth-quarter revenue of US$16.5 billion, an increase of 3 percent from a year... Read more

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Ask the Expert: Phorid flies

Photo: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org

Megaselia Scalaris, also known as the humpbacked, scuttle or coffin fly, is the likely phorid species taking up residence in the mausoleum. Photo: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org

Question: We’re dealing with a complicated phorid fly problem that has it all: consecrated soil that can’t be removed, a leaking crypt and a heavy influx of visitors. The problem is in the mausoleum. The church is attached, but the flies aren’t moving into that area much. The church wants this problem solved in any way that doesn’t require us to cause destruction to the building. Should I try a biodegrader to eliminate the breeding source, or an insect growth regulator (IGR) to break the life cycle? Thanks for lending your expertise!

Answer: This is a classic scenario involving a mausoleum from which Phoridae are erupting by the tens of thousands. Think Mount Vesuvius. Typically, mausoleums are designed so fluid can drain from the bodies to an area below. These beds, often vented to the roof, are supposed to be screened. Even then, many phorids — including the coffin fly, Megaselia scalaris, an odds-on favorite to be your target pest — are small enough to enter. The flies breed until the resources are gone. While anecdotal accounts abound, I know of no reliable method for solving these problems. The best you can do is “try stuff.”

Bioremediation is happening already, and the organisms involved are far better than the ones we use for drains.

IGRs are an intriguing idea, but delivering a sufficient dose to the correct location would be difficult. Even if you knew where all the breeding was occurring, it still would be a long shot.

Introducing an insecticide into the crypts or the drainage bed would be disappointing. At best, you would get a temporary reduction for a while, maybe a week. Then, the flies would return — slowly at first and then back to full strength. This is true for all the insecticides you might consider, even borates. Borates kill everything, including insects, fungi and bacteria. Eventually the borates are sequestered (taken up), leached away, or diluted to the point of no effect. And then you would have to start all over again. This classic dust-to-dust stuff has been at work since the beginning. The process is slower for embalmed bodies, but the decomposers win in the end.

You may have better success by preventing flies from entering the “living space” (pardon the expression). Use a fine mesh to seal openings around individual crypts; appearance is important, so be careful. Be sure to seal the vent on the roof.

If they can’t be kept out, you might try killing them as quickly as possible. An insecticide “sticker” product might be appropriate here, but you would need to find a suitable location for placement.

Many phorids, including coffin flies, are heavily attracted to light. A well-placed electrocuting insect light trap (ILT) might do wonders. Fit it with a catch bucket, which may fill up surprisingly fast. Many glue board ILTs would simply fill up too quickly, so don’t bother.

I’m an optimist by nature, and it’s hard to conclude that there is little hope for success. If you try something and it works, please document the process and the conditions for a follow-up. We could use a definitive protocol for this scenario. I wish you good fortune.

Email your questions about insect identification and pest management technologies to pmpeditor@northcoastmedia.net. Your questions most likely will be printed and answered in one of Pest Management Professional’s upcoming columns.

from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/31/ask-the-expert-phorid-flies/
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Checking Your House for Mold

There is quite a bit of contradictory advice when it comes to testing for mold in the home; namely, whether it’s a DIY-type job or one that calls for the experts. But as with most things, it’s not a black and white answer, with different circumstances requiring different approaches. Before we explain further, however, let’s outline the factors that may lead you to check your home for mold in the first place:

Warning bells

  • Smell. Often, the dank, musty aroma accompanying mold is the only real tell-tale sign that you have a problem. Never had the misfortune of smelling mold? Lucky you! Here’s some further reading on the subject.
  • Allergies. Sneezing, runny nose or sore eyes? Chances are there are some mold spores lingering in your home.
  • Serious health problems, such as damage to internal organs or mental impairment, can be indicative of toxic mold, which is a serious problem.
  • Visible growth. Obviously, seeing mold is iron-clad proof that it exists, but often it’s the mold you can’t see that is most problematic.
  • Water problems. If your home has recently been flooded or you’ve suffered leaky pipes, chances are you’re going to have a mold problem.

So, when are home testing kits acceptable?

Mold test kits

Allowing you to collect mold samples by yourself – before sending them off to a laboratory – these are available to buy online and are a much cheaper option than calling out a professional mold tester. Some things to bear in mind when choosing to do it this way, however, is that any mold test will only give a snapshot of any mold spores present at any given time as they constantly fluctuate. It is advisable, therefore, to buy a number of these kits to test at different times and in different locations, to build up a more complete and accurate picture of the mold in your home. There are three main types of mold testing, as our friends over at Moldpedia so eloquently put it.

  • Air testing. Testing the concentration of mold spores in the air, samples are taken and later examined under a microscope. A good option for when you suspect you have a mold problem even though you can’t find a growth. Sometimes mold spores may be blowing into the home from outdoor mold, or they could be leftover from mold that used to be present.
  • Surface testing. Takes samples from surfaces, most commonly using swabbing or tape lifting.
  • Bulk testing. Tests various materials taken from the home to identify any mold spores.

These kits may also come in handy after you’ve had mold removed, to make sure it was a success. If you do decide to test for mold yourself, always wear a mask and gloves.

Call in the experts

Although mold is an everyday problem that may seem to be more irritating than anything else, when toxic mold enters the equation it’s a whole new ball game. If you have the slightest suspicion that the mold you’re seeing is either Stachybotrys (toxic black mold) or Aspergillus – the most common types of toxic mold – you will need to exercise extra caution, thus calling in a qualified professional. It is also always prudent to call in the experts if the mold problem is anything more than mild. You can read more about black mold here.

from Mold Blogger https://moldblogger.com/checking-your-house-for-mold/
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Take 2019 State of the Industry survey, guaranteed prizes

Photo: iStock/AndreyPopov

Photo: iStock/AndreyPopov

It’s that time of year again — time for the Pest Management Professional State of the Industry survey!

Take Pest Management Professional‘s reader survey now.

Each year we distribute this survey to ask you, our readers, to share your successes, struggles and predictions so we can uncover trends in the pest management industry. So tell us… what has 2018 been like? How are you preparing for 2019? What are your predictions for the upcoming year?

NEW THIS YEAR: At the end of the survey, as a “thank you” for your participation, we are giving respondents the option to select a guaranteed reward or chance at another great prize! We’re looking forward to your responses.

Check out the results from last year’s survey.

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Arrow promotes 2 to executive committee

Mike Strickland, Photo provided by Arrow Exterminators

Mike Strickland, Photo provided by Arrow Exterminators

Arrow Exterminators promoted two employees to its executive committee. Emily Thomas Kendrick, president and CEO of Arrow says that the company plans to grow $300 million in the next four years and $500 million in the next 10 years. She says these internal promotions reflect Arrow’s values and culture.

Mike Strickland, former regional VP of operations, has been promoted to Arrow’s Executive Committee as senior VP of operations. He also served as one of Arrow’s service center managers for key locations in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. He will now be responsible for Arrow’s South-Central Atlanta, Northeast Metro Atlanta and Tennessee/Kentucky regions. Strickland began his career with Arrow 14 years ago.

Mickey Thomas, Photo provided by Arrow Exterminators

Mickey Thomas, Photo provided by Arrow Exterminators

Mickey Thomas has been promoted to Arrow’s Executive Committee as VP of the customer care department, and will maintain her current role of VP of inside sales. While maintaining her leadership responsibilities for inside sales, Thomas will now have leadership responsibilities for the customer care department which includes training in Arrow’s 113 offices, business intelligence and acquisition integration. Thomas has been with Arrow for 11 years.

from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/31/arrow-promotes-2-to-executive-committee/
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Bird Barrier: Optical Gel Mag

Bird Barrier Optical Gel Mag

Courtesy Bird Barrier

New Optical Gel Mag features a magnet embedded in the bottom of each Optical Gel disk. No glue is needed: Just remove the lid, place and reposition if necessary. Available in packs of 24, the units can be quickly and easily placed on channel signs, I-beam flanges, ventilation ducts, parapet edges, square railings, billboards and more. There’s no mess or surface discoloration, and they are easy to remove or even store for the season, or for future site cleaning and maintenance.


from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/31/bird-barrier-optical-gel-mag/
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Monday, July 30, 2018

Sodexo Appoints Trevor Wignall Digital Director

Sodexo Appoints Trevor Wignall Digital DirectorSodexo has appointed Trevor Wignall digital and innovation director for the company’s corporate services division in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Wignall joined Sodexo in 2017 from IBM,... Read more

from ISSA News feed for the Cleaning Industry https://www.issa.com/news/news-details/all/sodexo-appoints-trevor-wignall-digital-director/
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IFMA Teams With AECOMThe International Facility Management Association (IFMA) announced AECOM has joined the association as a corporate sustaining partner. As an IFMA corporate partner, the international design and... Read more

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4M Promotes Bruce Stennis to Account Manager

4M Promotes Bruce Stennis to Account Manager4M Building Solutions, a CIMS-GB-certified organization, has promoted Bruce Stennis to account manager. Stennis joined 4M in January 2018 as an account supervisor. In his new... Read more

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PRSM Announces Keynote Speaker for Mid-Year Conference

PRSM Announces Keynote Speaker for Mid-Year ConferenceThe Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) has announced the keynote speaker for the 2018 PRSM Mid-Year Conference. Basketball Hall of Fame inductee and long-time ESPN... Read more

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ServiceMaster Names New Chief Information Officer

ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc., parent company of ServiceMaster Clean, has promoted Robert Doty to senior vice president and chief information officer (CIO).  Doty has served as interim... Read more

from ISSA News feed for the Cleaning Industry https://www.issa.com/news/news-details/all/servicemaster-names-new-chief-information-officer/
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ContraPest introduces Hawaiian forest research

Bait Box ImageSenesTech, a Flagstaff, Ariz.-based developer of proprietary technologies for managing animal pest populations through fertility control, has presented the first phase of data on the use of ContraPest for the control of rats in an outdoor setting, specifically the control of wild rats that prey upon native birds and plants in a native forest. The data continues to confirm previous observations of ContraPest in all other settings tested.

Tyler Bogardus, principal investigator from the Oahu Army Natural Resource Program (OANRP), hosted by the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research, presented Phase One data on July 26, at the 25th annual Hawaii Conservation Conference. The year-long trial assessed the effectiveness of ContraPest in the Waianae Mountains, Oahu. The goal of the study, under the EUP, was to determine whether ContraPest could be deployed effectively and safely to reduce populations of Rattus spp. in a forest setting.

“Our maxim is, ‘If rats eat ContraPest, they don’t reproduce. If rats do not reproduce, the population decreases,'” says Brandy Pyzyna, SenesTech’s VP of scientific operations. “We have proven this time and time again in the laboratory and in the wild, and this study reinforces that even under circumstances with other attractive sources of food, rats are definitively consuming ContraPest. These data further validate and confirm our previous experiences. With the terrain, the abundance of food and water sources, and the level of infestation seen in this study area (for which we have almost 10 years of data) this is a very validating and promising result.”

Data for the first phase of this ongoing study was presented with a number of key observations reported:

  • Palatability. ContraPest’s sweet taste and fatty content drove growing consumption throughout the trial, even while popular competitive food sources such as strawberry guava were in season.
  • Stability. ContraPest did not attract insects or slugs under the challenging conditions of the study.
  • Non-Targets. No adverse reactions to other wildlife or plants were observed.

“This has been the first demonstration of ContraPest use in a full outdoor environment,” says Dr. Lorretta Mayer, Chair, CEO and co-founder of SenesTech. “Based on the preliminary results of this study, we will now, with confidence, pursue full outdoor use label requirements for ContraPest, in an effort to provide a viable solution to address the rodent devastation to our island communities. While here at the conference, we have been contacted by several groups and individuals searching for a better rodent control method in these fragile island communities here in the United States and Globally.  We have committed to move as quickly as possible to meet their demand and have follow up discussions in California and Hawaii in coming weeks. Hawaii pest management professionals, as well as our distributors are joining us to meet this environmental demand, and have participated in our training and product knowledge programs last week. We are excited to update our island conservation stakeholders on our progress in this study and provide technical support on deployment under our current label.”

The study is being conducted by the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research in support of the U.S. Army’s Natural Resource Program on O’ahu and its endangered species protection efforts. Final data collection is underway through August 2018.

from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/30/contrapest-introduces-hawaiian-forest-research/
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Crawley and the bugs at Mrs. Welch’s house

Plunkett’s Pest acquires two new companies

Plunkett's Pest Control

Plunkett’s Pest Control, Inc. acquired L&S Termite and Pest Control, based in Columbus, Oh., and Bugeaters Pest Control, based in Lincoln, Neb.

L&S Termite and Pest Control are also full-service pest management service providers. Larry and Kathy Paterson, owners of L&S, are set to retire in the Carolina’s. Plunkett’s will be adding all three technicians from L&S to their team of over forty in the Columbus area.

Nate Godwin, owner of Bugeaters, started the company eight years ago after working with Orkin for several years. Godwin and his team joined Plunkett’s in the sale, according to Scott Steckel, strategic development director at Plunkett’s Pest Control.

from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/30/plunketts-pest-acquires-two-new-companies/
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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Avian Enterprises LLC: Avian Migrate

Avian MigrateAvian Migrate uses a non-lethal formula to irritate the pain center in geese that will teach them to avoid grass, turf and other surfaces. Registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the non-toxic goose and bird repellent lasts for up to two weeks outdoors and even longer indoors. It is available in .5-, 1- and 2.5-gallon jugs and can be used for all types of spraying equipment. All ingredients are “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/30/avian-enterprises-llc-avian-migrate/
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Friday, July 27, 2018

Eastman Chemical Increases 2nd-Quarter Earnings 18%

Eastman Chemical Increases 2nd-Quarter Earnings 18%Eastman Chemical Co. has reported fiscal-second-quarter earnings of US$344 million, or $2.39 per share, up 18 percent from $929 million, or $2.00 per share, for the same time period one year... Read more

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Clorox Adds Beam Suntory CEO to Board

The Clorox Co., parent company of Clorox Professional Products Co., has appointed Matthew J. Shattock to its board of directors, effective August 1. Shattock currently serves as chairman and CEO... Read more

from ISSA News feed for the Cleaning Industry https://www.issa.com/news/news-details/all/clorox-adds-beam-suntory-ceo-to-board/
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Sodexo Honored for Diversity Efforts

Sodexo Honored for Diversity EffortsSodexo has been named a top scorer on Working Mother Media’s 2018 Diversity Best Practices (DBP) Inclusion Index. The DBP Inclusion Index ranks more than 100 international organizations on a... Read more

from ISSA News feed for the Cleaning Industry https://www.issa.com/news/news-details/all/sodexo-honored-for-diversity-efforts/
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Cintas' 4th-Quarter Revenues Increase 9%

Cintas' 4th-Quarter Revenues Increase 9%Cintas Corp. has reported a fiscal fourth-quarter revenue of US$1.67 billion, a 9.1 percent year-over-year increase. Cintas posted a quarterly operating income of $265 million, up 49.7 percent... Read more

from ISSA News feed for the Cleaning Industry https://www.issa.com/news/news-details/all/cintas-4th-quarter-revenues-increase-9/
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Weekly Product Showcase July 27, 2018

Weekly Product Showcase July 27, 2018Stay up to date on the industry's newest products and services from these ISSA members. Premium Spill Pick up OSHAkits.com recently updated its Premium Food Safety Spill Kit. The enhanced kit... Read more

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NPMA awards deadlines are near

NPMA logoThis year, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has several award opportunities for pest management professionals to highlight their accomplishments throughout the year, including:

Professional Women in Pest Management (PWIPM) Professional Empowerment Grant. Nomination deadline: July 31, 2018. PWIPM grants can advance a career in the pest management industry or help to reduce the costs related to education. Grants are a minimum of $1000, and include free registration and an additional $1000 towards travel expenses to attend PestWorld 2018. Click here for more information and to nominate a candidate.

NPMA’s Young Entrepreneur Award. Nomination deadline: Aug. 29, 2018. This award recognizes young entrepreneurs (40 years of age or less) working in the professional pest management industry who have helped create or develop an industry business and/or those who have stewarded a meaningful industry concept to fruition. The recipient will be awarded at PestWorld 2018 in Orlando, Fla. Click here for more information and to nominate a candidate.

NPMA’s Women of Excellence Award. Nomination deadline: Aug. 31, 2018. This award recognizes women who advance the pest management industry. The international honor is open to women across the pest management industry — PMPs, manufacturers, research organizations, etc. — who demonstrate outstanding leadership and have made notable contributions to the development and growth of the profession, their business, and other women in the industry. The recipient will be awarded at PestWorld 2018. Click here for more information and to nominate a candidate.

Additional NPMA awards include the Pinnacle Award, the PestVets Veteran of the Year Award and the NPMA Gives Award. More information about each of these prestigious honors can be found here.

from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/27/npma-awards-deadlines-are-near/
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Texas A&M experts assist South Korea with red fire ant invasion

red ant

Photo courtesy of, and copyrighted by, Gene White, pmimages@earthlink.net

Fire away! This past June, South Korea asked the entomology experts at Texas A&M to assist them with their recent red fire ant invasion. Entomologists at Texas A&M are familiar with red fire ants because they are a common pest in Texas.

Texas A&M receives credibility for controlling red fire ants from their collaborative work with Australia to help establish a control plan. According to AgriLife Today, Dr. Robert Puckett, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologist in urban and structural insects, advised government officials in Australia on insecticides and baits to use, when to use them and what level of control to expect when treating the red fire ants. Australia recently placed a halt on things like moving soil, mulch, potted plants and anything else that might inadvertently move fire ants, according to Dr. David Ragsdale, Texas A&M.

South Korea, on the other hand, has mobilized within weeks of the invasion, making it easier to control the pests and prevent them from invading further. Researchers at the Korean Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, or APQA, an agency equivalent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Plant and Protection and Quarantine, contacted Texas A&M almost immediately due to lack of experts in their own country.

Dr. David Ragsdale from Texas A&M told AgriLife Today, Entomologists from Korea plan to visit our department in September to, among other things, establish a network of experts in the areas of ecology, physiology,  integrated pest management and genomics in fire ants to help them deal with the pest proactively. They also want to establish an ongoing international collaboration with our department.”

Rasgale says how he expects to receive visits from other countries as red fire ant invasions will continue to spread across the globe due to world commerce. Containers used to ship overseas are not airtight or ant-proof and ants find a way inside  containers  sitting on docks waiting to be loaded for shipment. As far as inspection, only about 2 percent of containers are checked, therefore the spread of red fire ants will not end anytime soon.

Pest management professionals should advise their customers to check any containers that have been shipped long distances before you open them, and when sending out containers, do not leave them outside or on the ground for any period of time. This will help reduce the mobility of the ants and protect your shipped items as well. For more on red fire ants, go here: Texas A&M: Red fire ant frequently asked questions.

from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/26/texas-am-experts-assist-south-korea-with-red-fire-ant-invasion/
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Thursday, July 26, 2018

PestWest USA: On-Top ProES

On-Top ProES

Innovative, discreet and stylish, the On-Top ProES is an energy-saving flying insect management system that fits easily into new or existing suspended ceilings. It’s ideal for areas with space limitations such as hospitals, clinics, supermarkets convenience stores, restaurants, and many others. The On-Top ProES is powered by a magnetic ballast, contains two Quantum T5 14 W shatter-resistant lamps and compliant with U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations.


from Pest Management Professional http://www.mypmp.net/2018/07/27/pestwest-usa-on-top-proes/
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ISS Recognized for Inclusion Efforts

ISS Recognized for Inclusion EffortsISS was named the recipient of two awards from the Employers’ Network for Equality and Inclusion. The nonprofit presented ISS with its Inclusive Culture Private Sector Award and its 2018... Read more

from ISSA News feed for the Cleaning Industry https://www.issa.com/news/news-details/all/iss-recognized-for-inclusion-efforts/
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ACI Adds Associate Vice President

The American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) appointed James Kim associate vice president of science and regulatory affairs. Kim joins ACI from the U.S. the Office of Management and Budget's Office... Read more

from ISSA News feed for the Cleaning Industry https://www.issa.com/news/news-details/all/aci-adds-associate-vice-president/
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Eastman Names Aldo Noseda Chief Information Officer

Eastman Names Aldo Noseda Chief Information OfficerEastman Chemical Co. has appointed Aldo Noseda vice president and chief information officer, effective August 13. Noseda joins Eastman from Monsanto Co., where he served as IT vice president for... Read more

from ISSA News feed for the Cleaning Industry https://www.issa.com/news/news-details/all/eastman-names-aldo-noseda-chief-information-officer/
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Norovirus Sickens Hundreds at Kentucky Mall

Public health officials have linked more than 300 case of norovirus to the food court at Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY. According to the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, 350 people came... Read more

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