Friday, August 24, 2018

Implement exclusion for a well-rounded rodent control program

Andrej Branc, North American Business Manager, <a href="" target="_blank">PelGar USA</a>

Andrej Branc, North American Business Manager, PelGar USA

Generally speaking, PMPs should spend more time thinking about and working on exclusion for properties. This is especially important if you have just taken over a problem job, where the last company was unable to solve the problem. Exclusion should be part of the first conversation with your customer. If they are unwilling to perform the necessary steps in-house, be prepared with a program to recommend to them — and make sure you charge for your time to do that work.

Implementing door sweeps, hardware cloth, rodent-proofing compound and other exclusion techniques can increase the effectiveness of control methods. It also makes your company look really good in the process, because you’re offering a well-rounded rodent control program. That leads to happier customers and more cash in your pocket.

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